About Achieve Training Center

Achieve Training Center is proud to be a Christian Job Corps® Program

After talking with a number of businesses in the Huntsville community, we discovered that there is a huge need for men who have training in the skilled trades. However, many men who want to learn these trades either don’t have the time or money to pursue training from a community college or university, or are working to get their life back on track.

Achieve Training Center (ATC) was developed as an alternative to an expensive, formal education. We offer opportunities for men from all backgrounds, including skills training for men with felonies. By providing men with the skills and training they need to pursue better paying jobs while working around their current schedules, ATC has created an opportunity for working men to create a career for themselves.

Want to support men who are making a positive change in their lives?

Meet the Team

Ron Wicks

Ron is the manager of the Achieve Training Center programs. With a background in information technologies and as a small business owner, Ron understands the importance of skills training in electronics, software development, and trades. He is passionate about combining his business experiences with the mission of Achieve Training Center to help men discover and learn new job skills that can make a difference for many years to come. Ron’s experience also includes developing new product marketing programs and consulting.

Gordon Porter

As an Honorably Discharged member of the U.S. Army (10 years) and retired U.S. Government Civilian (35 years), Gordon has experience managing Life Cycle Logistics and Program Management in support of Department of Defense Programs. He has an MBA from Alabama A&M University and is Nationally Certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP). Gordon serves at Union Hill P.B. Church as a Deacon, Facilitator/Teacher of Sunday School, Bible Study, Children’s Church, and VBS Ministries. Committed to improving the lives of men and women in Madison County, AL, Gordon also serves in the Christian Women’s Job Corps® (CWJC), Christian Men’s Job Corps® (CMJC), and as a member of the Christian Job Corps® Board of Directors.

Derrick Whittington

A graduate of American University, Derrick has worked in manufacturing as a production planner. He also briefly taught grades 5 and 6, then entered US Army in 1988 and retired 21 years later as a Senior Non-Commissioned Officer. Derrick earned a Master's degree in Healthcare Administration, and has worked with companies like BELZON/LMI, SAIC and ABACO Systems. He has also served as Veteran Advisor for a Nonprofit and is now a civilian employee with Redstone Arsenal.

Todd Westbrook

Todd is an entrepreneur and partner at Kinney Industries, Inc., a local electronics manufacturing and design company. A member of First Baptist Church of Huntsville, Todd has served as a Trustee Chairman and Sunday School teacher. Presently, he serves on the Board of Directors of the Christian Job Corps® of Huntsville and is active in the start-up operations of the Achieve Training programs.

John Mittell

John joined the US Navy as a Naval Aviation Cadet and earned his wings as a Naval Aviator. Over the course of his storied, 25 year career, John completed his military service in the Pentagon as part of the Chief of Naval Operations staff. As a civilian independent contractor, John observed people who were engaged in problem solving and evaluated their performance as measured through several criteria. He is a devoted disciple of Christ and a member at Grace Point Baptist Church. John has experience in mentoring and counseling men who want to do their jobs better and grown their own relationship with Jesus.

Horace Wilson

Horace Wilson is from Chicago IL. He is retired military and has over 15 years of professional and organizational leadership development experience. Horace is a certified life coach and a recent graduate of Highlands College (Pastoral  Leadership Studies).

John Hearne